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Graduates from Any Drug Rehab Are Welcome to Apply for the OMC Sober Living Program at Providence Ministries

build your foundation by participating in a halfway living home

 Graduation day at “The Camp” is a day we celebrate and relish, and represents a significant milestone on the journey of recovery. It's unfortunate though that at this point many programs have limited options on what happens next.

At worst, they will be forced to return to their place of origin where they will have to contend with the same temptations that lead them them to become a addicted to drugs in the first place.

At Our Masters Camp, You Have the Chance to Grow Away!

We believe that for a person to truly gain the practical living skills and confidence they will need in order to continue walking in Christ, victory, and recovery, that they are going to need help reintegrating back into society in a safe and sustainable way.

For that reason, we proudly offer graduates of a Christian treatment center the opportunity to participate in our transitional housing program in Dalton, Georgia with our parent organization, Providence Ministries Inc. At “Providence”, our graduates get the opportunity to grow away, rather than simply go away, giving them the best chance to truy ovecome addiction.

  • Transitional Living Main Complex
  • Building 2
  • Main Office
  • Buildings 1 and 3
  • Living Room
  • Living Room and Dinning Room
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Providence Ministries
Transitional Living Main Complex1 Building 22 Main Office3 Buildings 1 and 34 Living Room5 Living Room and Dinning Room6 Kitchen7 Bedroom8 Bathroom9 Laundry Room10 Providence Ministries11

What Makes Our Christ Based "Post Treatment" Sober Living Program Unique

  • Offer continued Biblical education and growth, as well as emotions related processing groups and relapse prevention training.
  • Provide the opportunity to outreach and volunteer in our local Christian initiatives, and offer college courses w/ Tennessee Temple University.
  • Have a great staff that includes a chaplain, a reverend, counselors, and a chef, as well as a multitude of guest speakers and local volunteers.
  • Offer free breakfast, lunch, dinner, picnics, BBQ’s, and fellowship opportunities.
  • Make available a computer lab with internet for job search or school & college work.
  • …And because so many of our graduates transition to Providence, they get the luxury of having an accountability group from day one.

Click Here to Read More About Specifically What the Transition Program Asks of Our Participants

Providence Ministries LogoThe transition program at Providence Ministries was created to allow recent graduates of an addiction program the opportunity to safely reestablish themselves in society while continuing to develop their foundation in recovery.

Program participants are required to find a job, pay rent, make weekly recovery meetings, and attend spiritual and church functions. While there are some basic rules that all sober living house members will be asked to follow, there are also rewards and decreased restrictions as certain milestones regarding recovery time and participation are reached.

Members are also encouraged to visit with their family and take weekend passes as long as the visit is approved by the house manager and deemed to be “recovery safe.”

Providence Ministries owns an apartment complex in which the men are housed. The apartments come fully furnished with meals being available at the mission’s main location. Men share the apartment with one other roommate. There is also washers and dryers on the property, and will

There is no limitation on how long or how short a participant is asked to stay. While some participants and up staying for many months and even years, others feel ready to go after 90 days or so. It really depends on the exit plan that is established by your counselor and the success and great in which recovery goals are reached.

Have You Recently Graduated From a Program and Are Seeking a Spot in Our Christ-Based Transitional Program?

If you have recently graduated from a drug rehab treatment center or from an alcoholism recovery facility, then you are invited to apply directly for a position in the Providence Ministries sober living transitional program located in Dalton Georgia. To apply, simply call (706) 275-0268 and ask to speak with Chaplain Wesley or Jeff Lewis.

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aaron omc graduate - review from rehabs.com

I honestly cannot imagine anywhere else having such an overwhelming spirit of love, guidance, and authenticity for the price they're asking. I can hardly imagine anywhere being as genuine as OMC at all, really. There is a healthy balance of discipline and structure with understanding and patience. The staff has forever earned my utmost respect and gratitude because of the change this program made in my life.

Aaron - Our Masters Camp Graduate

Your Time is Now.

Our Master’s Camp is not a traditional drug rehab or treatment center. We are a spiritual rejuvenation program that helps men renew their souls while they recover from drugs, alcohol, and behavior addiction… all through the power of Jesus Christ.

You have not found us by chance. God has a beautiful plan for your life. He wants to make you an example of His immeasurable love and healing power.

Our caring staff is standing by and ready to meet you where you are, & there is NO condemnation when you contact us.

The number to call is 423-447-2340 or you can use the many communication tools we make handy on every single page of our website. We truly look forward to the chance to speak with you and are praying for you every day even though we haven’t met in person yet. May God bless you on this, the most important journey of your life.

Because We Believe Affordable Addiction Care Should be Available to Everyone. Period.